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Some Comments by people who have received
Structural Integration

"Alarmed by the steadily increasing curvature of my spine and the myriad of pains accompanying it, I sought help.  Traditional medicine only offered the threat of eventual surgery. Disheartened and feeling twenty years past my age, I was stiff, achy, and unable to walk for more than 10 minutes without limping from the pain that shot down my right leg from the hip to the knee. Back spasms, cramping calves, tearing heel pain, and restless legs were the norm. Balance and strength eluded me. Then I was blessed with a great gift of healing. Through the masterful hands and expertise of Dr. Bruce Andrews and the process of Structural Integration, I was freed from these ailments."

"After a few S.I. sessions, I shifted from feeling physically deformed to feeling physically capable.  My energy increased by leaps and bounds - literally - as for the first time in my entire life, I experienced the joy of exercise and body awareness.  Despite scoliosis I am now able to sit straight and stand tall. I am changed and still changing, and a deep happiness fills me.  I am truly grateful that Bruce Andrews has dedicated his life to serving others in this powerful way."

- F.D., Glen Ellyn, IL

"I met Bruce Andrews and discovered Structural Integration in early 1998. I was seeking relief from severe cramping in my calves that prevented me from walking distances or running. I was also intrigued by the possibility that SI could improve my posture and general health.

I can describe the sessions of SI with one word: Intense. Those of us whose only prior experience with body work is a relaxing massage, will find SI totally different. The mind, body, and spirit integrate and respond to SI in a very personal way.

Bruce is not only gifted in the physical body work he practices, but he has a kind, gentle way of explaining the work and guiding you through the sessions. A skilled practitioner is vital for SI because the work is a partnership between the practitioner and the client. SI strives to undo patterns that bind the body and mind. So, the practitioner must probe and the client must receive. Bruce accomplishes this fragile bond of trust with much sensitivity.

The ten sessions of SI is just the beginning of a rewarding and introspective journey for me. It is all a question of timing. I am at a time in my life when. I am open to alternative health options, and I have the maturity to weigh the promises of good health with the methods. Besides SI, I have also begun to pay more attention to my diet by supplementing it with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

I have seen tremendous benefit from my SI sessions with Bruce. The cramping in my calves is completely gone and I am now able to enjoy sports such as tennis again. My walking gait has improved to the point where I can now join my friend on a daily fitness walk. My carriage and posture have greatly improved also.

But mostly the benefit of SI is what I call ďan incredible lightness of beingĒ. Instead of feeling trapped or ďbound-upĒ in my body, I now feel more fluid and relaxed in the way I move, sit, and stand. This feeling is most pronounced just after SI sessions. However, Bruce has given me cues and tips to use and to help me keep these benefits long after the sessions.

I would recommend SI to anyone who is willing to begin the journey. Bruce Andrews is the perfect choice as a SI practitioner. He has training, experience, skill, and sensitivity required to guide you on this journey. Although, I appreciate the relief from pain in my legs, I feel the pronounced impact on my general health and well being is the greatest benefit of SI.

I would be willing to speak with anyone who has questions about my experience with Bruce Andrews and SI."

- J.S., Elmhurst, IL

"I want to thank you for the work you did for me. The work (Structural Integration) made me more comfortable in my body and got rid of a lot of anger and other emotions that were damaging my life. It also helped me start my own business. The confidence I gained helped me lose a lot of fear. Iím more flexible and just happier in general. I feel more connected to earth and the grounding has made me stronger. I have accomplished a lot more than I thought I would. I feel more tolerant of lifeís ups and downs. I would recommend this work to everyone."

"P.S. Some people ask me if I had a facelift!!!"
- J.L., Maywood, IL

"I experienced Structural Integration four years ago and was so impressed with results that I referred several friends to the work. I initially felt more relaxed and was able to achieve a deeper, more restful sleep pattern. I had been enduring some annoying back pain that was also greatly relieved. The effects of Structural Integration have a cumulative benefit. I better understand how stress affects my body, and I find I am much less likely to suffer colds and flu. The work has provided a sense of balance and well being. I was most pleased to be greatly relieved of the recurrent pain of migraine headache. I continue to work with Bruce through other therapies. I look forward to the further empowerment that Structural Integration brings to my life."
- J.W., St. Charles, IL

"I completed my initial rolfing series five years ago. I wanted to decrease the overuse injuries that I had experienced from training and racing triathlons. Since the initial series my injuries are greatly reduced. The number of colds that I get is much less. My training is much more consistent and I have done better at the races. I am in tune with my body and I am able to realize when my body is in need of rest. I would suggest Structural Integration to all athletes."
- B.W., St. Charles, IL

"I began Structural Integration in an effort to get relief from chronic low back and hip pain. What I discovered is that S.I. is about so much more than mere pain relief. S.I. treats pain not only as a symptom, but addresses the deeper causes as well. This results in some very subtle yet profound changes. I can breathe more deeply. As tight muscles begin to relax and lengthen I notice that not only do I feel less pain, but I somehow feel taller, less compressed. I have an increased sense of balance and centeredness as I walk. I feel more graceful. Actually, S.I. is about learning to move the way the human body is designed to move. I am becoming more aware of how my body functions not just on the physical level, but on the more subtle levels as well. Being multidimensional, how I think has a huge effect on how I feel. Traditional doctors led me to believe that hip pain was something I would just have to live with. I no longer believe that. S.I. is about changeónot being changed, but making changes. Believing that I can indeed make changes is very empowering. S.I. is a wonderful tool for making changes, and Bruce Andrews is a remarkable and skillful guide on this journey toward health and healing."
- D.B., Sterling, IL

"Iíve been wanting to write something about my experience with Structural Integration (aka Rolfing) with Bruce Andrews. It is a tricky thing to write about though. I donít remember all of the details; I didnít keep a journal of every session so Iím left with the impact of my ď10-seriesĒ on my body and some vague memories of how I felt during some of the sessions. Iím hoping that by sharing my experiences, I can make the Rolfing or Structural Integration experience more accessible to others."

"In May, a work colleague of mine in Wisconsin mentioned that he was considering getting Rolfed. I had heard of Rolfing before but had never looked into the details. He was talking about the initial ten sessions (known as the ď10 seriesĒ) helping to increase a personís body awareness and improve their posture. These were two goals that made sense to me; I had been doing some yoga, working out, and had even taken some dance classes all with the intent of improving my posture and getting more in touch with my body. Iíve struggled with my weight for a good portion of my life. For the past 5 years, I have maintained an almost 100-pound weight loss. However, years of being overweight have served to disconnect my mind from my body. Through various conversations, I made a decision to try Rolfing for myself. I looked up practitioners on the website for the Guild for Structural Integration and found Bruce Andrews. He practices at his home in Glen Ellyn. I contacted him and, without hesitation, scheduled my first session. From the start, Bruce was totally open to answering any questions I had and made me feel that anything I would ask would be ok. When I arrived for my first session, I was nervous. I didnít know what to expect and could feel the butterflies swarming in my stomach. I met Bruce; I felt awkward. I wasnít sure what I would wear, how it would feel. It is a quite intimate experience. You have only your bottom and top covered. I wore shorts and a sports bra. This alone was a big deal for me - to let Bruce see my bare midsection! For me, for someone who has struggled with their body image, the mere fact of letting that happen was transforming. I wish I could remember the details of each session to relay to you, so you would know what to expect. Unfortunately I canít. What I can tell you, however, is that with Bruce and throughout the entire process, I felt completely and totally safe. I always felt like he had my well being firmly in mind."

"The first three sessions really lay a groundwork for the rest of the work. During all three I felt safe and cared for. After each session, I would leave feeling more energized. After my first session I felt lighter and bubbly. I felt like someone had uncapped a fizzy drink inside me. After sessions 2 and 3 I felt my feet more firmly planted on the floor. I recall during the week following session 3 I became keenly aware of my seated posture - when I was slouching, when I wasnít. It is difficult to describe but I knew that something was happening to me even though I couldnít see it. And I trusted Bruce to keep leading me forward. The 4th and 5th sessions are critical. Bruce works some interior muscles; it is very intimate and sometimes uncomfortable. But again, he does a wonderful job, by keeping you talking, by describing what he is doing, of putting you at ease and making the experience enjoyable. Iíve read about the 4th and 5th sessions as the point of no return in the 10-series. It does feel like that. Once youíve gone through 4 and 5, you are really starting to realize that something is happening, even if you arenít quite sure what. I laugh because after session 5 I left feeling like Athena, a warrior princess. I kept thinking ďI feel mighty.Ē A journal entry soon after the fifth session really captures my experience: ďI still canít believe that Iím doing this. It is such an intimate experience, and Bruce does such a nice job of making it comfortable. I have never felt once like I did something wrong, like anything at all was wrong. Thatís the thing, everything is really changing, I really do feel like being more healthy.Ē By the time I got to sessions 8, 9, and 10, I was so looking forward to going but also starting to feel sad that the experience would soon be over."

"During these later sessions, Bruce taught me how to stand up correctly, how to sit and connect with my sits bones, and how to stand in order to connect to my core ďrolfing line.Ē During each of the last sessions, Bruce focused at least some time on my shoulders. These final sessions are often customized to focus more on specific areas unique to each person. I have a chronic ďriseĒ to my shoulders, which I now recognize as being a self-protective posture. Over time, my shoulders are coming down; over time Iím learning to own my place in the world. Interestingly, after my 10-series, people have commented that I am ďso tallĒ. I think this is related to my deepening ownership of my rightful place in the world. I have more confidence that all is well Ė both with the world and with my place in it."

The following is a list of the outcomes or benefits of my experience with structural integration:
  • Better flexibility
  • Less pain in back and knee when running
  • Less anxiety
  • More confidence
  • Better body awareness
  • Better posture
  • Feel thinner

  • "Some of the other benefits are less tangible, but nonetheless valuable. Bruce created one of the safest spaces that Iíve ever been in. I feel myself getting stronger and growing in awareness daily, even after my initial 10 sessions have ended. I have experienced both physical and emotional change as a result of my 10-series. I feel more in touch with my body. I feel more together. I feel more grounded. I feel more open. I like myself more."

    "I was having some pain in my knees while running; that has gone away. Also, I used to have intermittent lower back pain; that is almost entirely gone. I also have more flexibility in my hamstrings. I have become more and more aware of my body in space. The other day I bent down to pick up a pair of shoes and I was aware of my body position, of how much space I was taking up. This kind of subtle shift in awareness is clearly an outcome of the work I have done with Bruce."

    "It does seem that Rolfing would appear a little too ďout thereĒ for most people. That is so unfortunate because my experience has been that it is an incredibly rich experience and one that most (if not all) people could benefit from in some way. Whether the goal is relief from pain or an increase in emotional awareness, the work of structural integration is a powerful tool. After my experience, when I hear of a person with chronic back pain I wonder what a difference the work could make in their life."

    "Structural Integration has enriched my life. I feel more inside of myself now, more solid. I do feel more integrated. Bruce said when we started that I would end up feeling like I have more options. I think that has proven to be a very accurate statement. It isnít that Iíve been magically transformed, but rather Iíve just gotten a better understanding of myself Ė both my body and my mind."
    - K.L., Wheaton, IL